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Cherie Bryant is stuck.

She doesn't think she's special nor that interesting but she's going to give this a go anyway and do her best not to ramble.

Wait she's doing that already.

For those who really need to know, Cherie was born in Yorkshire and lived there for a while. She spent her childhood climbing trees on the Westwood, lost in a book and looking for a magical gateway into another world. She has a soft spot for mythology and folklore and can probably tell everyone a tale they've never heard… though that's because she will happily make them up too.  Sometime or other, she started painting and hasn't looked back since.

Cherie went to York St. John university situated in the historic city of York where she studied film and television production.  On this course sh learned story boarding, working to a brief, costume design, lighting, composition among other film related things.

Near the end of her degree she decided she preferred painting and illustration and decided to shift her focus onto that instead.  Because of this Cherie is mainly self taught only doing a couple of short courses when she can afford them to further her skills.

Cherie uses both tradition and digital mediums to create her art work, preferring to paint subjects with a fantastical element to them.  She is now looking to begin her artistic career and hopefully is taking the right steps towards it.

She currently lives near Sherwood Forest, (because that sounds so much cooler than Nottinghamshire) where she has commandeered her house for her artwork and other creative endeavours.

Contact Me

For any art inquires, or if you would like to request a print that isn't currently available in my shop (as long as it isn't limited or a one off commission I'd be happy to make you one) please fill out the contact form below and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!


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